Macca’s Has Brought The KitKat McFlurry & Frappe Back So I’m Already In The Car With My Belt On

macca's kitkat mcflurry 2022

Two delicious treats have returned to us, my friends. It’s been a couple of years since it was here but Macca’s has brought the KitKat McFlurry and frappe back into our lives. Are we worthy of another visit from these scrummy sweeties? Probably not, but we’re not going to look a chocolatey gift horse in the mouth.

The frozen fancy McFlurry will be hitting Macca’s menus on Menulog across Australia from August 24 for a cheeky week. After that, both the decadent desserts will be available in stores from August 31 for a short time.

Yep, once again these are a limited-time treat. Absolutely no fart-assing around here, mates. If you want in on having that delicious Macca’s ice cream with a swirl of chocolate fudge sauce and big chunks of KitKat or a creamy choccy frappe blended with KitKat chunks and topped off with whipped cream and more KitKat chunks, you gotta move quick.

mcdonald's maccas kitkat mcflurry frappe limited edition
YUM [Image: Supplied]
Senior brand manager of McDonald’s Australia Liz Whitbread said Macca’s is stoked to bring the iconic KitKat collab back around for another run.

“After a successful launch in 2020, we are so excited to bring back the delicious KitKat McFlurry and KitKat Frappe,” she said.

“Featuring iconic Macca’s soft serve paired with delicious wafer chocolate, our new range of KitKat desserts will hit the spot every time.”

This news combined with the knowledge that Pumpkin Spice Latte season kicked off today has made me one very delighted — and fucking hungry — human.