Oh God, KFC Appears To Have Run Out Of Wicked Wings In NSW

kfc wicked wings shortage

People are reporting that KFC Australia has removed wicked wings from their menu.

As that one downgraded robot says on Futurama: “Oh, God! I’ll never make it this time! This is the end!”

Several Aussies on Twitter are claiming that the deep-fried crunchy wings are no longer on the store’s app or on meal delivery services.

As one extremely relatable user put it: “DID KFC GET RID OF WICKED WINGS WTF?!?!?! CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM?! I’M DRUNK AND FURIOUS.”

“KFC has removed Wicked Wings from their app,” wrote another who goes by Bullfrog (Froggy).

“Time to curl into a ball and cry.”

So true bestie.


One user went so far as to tweet at Victorian Premier Dan Andrews for assistance while he was getting his booster shot, which either suggests this is a national crisis (!!!) or people think Andrews has a better chance at fixing this than NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.


We did some Kentucky Fried Nancy Drewing and it appears that wicked wings are no longer on the KFC app.

kfc wicked wings

According to Crikey reporter Cam Wilson, it appears that there is actually a statewide shortage of the delicious goods.

Over on Twitter, he shared a letter seemingly written by management and posted outside a KFC store in Sydney that claimed that they had “sold out of wicked wings due to high demand around the state resulting in a low supply”.

“This is out of our control,” they added in the letter.


Another user shared a similar note allegedly found at the KFC store in Randwick: “Dear customers, due to the supplier issue we are short on wicked wings. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to KFC Australia – as well as a source from a local store – for comment but they did not reply at the time of publishing. Anyway, at least a US TikToker claimed that the Aussie KFC shits all over the American one.