Stop What Yr Doing And Watch G Flip Play Drums With Actual KFC Drummies In Uber Eats’ Latest Ad

Aussie muso G Flip using KFC drumsticks to play drums in Uber Eats ad

The perfect Aussie has been tapped for the newest Uber Eats commercial to celebrate a boonta 500 KFC stores joining the delivery app — G Flip.

G Flip smashes out a tight drum solo in the new ad with one funny (and deliciously obvious) twist. Their drumsticks are actual chicken drumsticks. The gags just write themselves, my friends.

Although it seems like a fun nod to KFC, drumming along with chicken drummies is actually a memory G Flip holds dear to their heart.

They told PEDESTRIAN.TV they would do the exact same thing at the dinner table as a kid.

“When mum or dad would serve dinner and we’d have chicken I would get all the drumsticks because I was a drummer. My sister would get the wings or something,” they said.

“I used to have my little chicken drumsticks there at the table and just be pretending to play the drums with them.

“It’s a funny little full-circle moment.”

A self-proclaimed relentless food delivery user, G Flip told PEDESTRIAN.TV it felt like a no-brainer to jump on an ad for Uber Eats.

“Everyone knows that I only eat Uber Eats, that’s like a characteristic of me,” they said.

“So when I got offered a commercial, I was like ‘well that makes sense! I use Uber Eats ALL the time!’

“I just wanna say — and I’m not getting paid to say this or anything — it’s easily my most-used app. I don’t cook so I use Uber Eats relentlessly. Like two to three times a day, it’s how I survive.

“I’m just so busy and doing so many things and I’m always working constantly so I always use it.”

Australian muso G Flip stars in new Uber Eats ad for KFC
The amount of money I’d pay to see G Flip drum using actual KFC drummies. Photo credit: Vimeo / Special Group.

When it comes to a cheeky KFC sesh, G Flip said they really can’t go past the chips as their go-to order. There’s no doubt about it — those chippies are all time.

“Love the chippies,” they said.

“You know how sometimes you order fries and there’s not much potato in them? The thing with KFC chips is they really pack it full of potato and I like that, I’m into that. I normally just get heaps of chippies.”

Now all I can think about is whether it would be possible to use exceptionally crispy chippies as drumsticks. I smell a new Uber Eats commercial concept.