G Flip Opens Up About Their Gender Identity Journey & Being The Role Model They Wish They Had

g flip gender identity non-binary role model

G Flip has opened up about their journey exploring their gender identity in a lengthy Instagram story and explained the meaning behind their latest single, “Waste Of Space”.

The extensive Notes App story posted on Thursday (International Non-Binary People’s Day) dived into the reaction G Flip received after they came out as non-binary earlier this year. They also talked about when they started feeling confused about their gender and how they want to be the role model they never had in their own life.

“A few months ago, my gender identity became the subject of countless headlines and discussed and debated by strangers far more than I ever thought was possible,” they wrote.

“Since then, I have been flooded with messages, many with questions about me being non-binary. There have been many simply seeking to understand what being non-binary is and means, as well as from parents looking for advice on how to best support their non-binary children.

“Unfortunately, however, I have also received a lot of hateful messages directed at my gender and how I identify and express myself. Some have even straight-up told me that I’m not non-binary.”

G Flip said that as they’ve gotten more of these messages, they realised just how much the world needs more education about understanding and accepting genders outside of the binary. They also realised that the way they help to educate others is through their music and how if they had heard a song like “Waste Of Space” as a kid it would have been life-changing.

“My first memory of being confused about my gender was when I was seven,” they wrote.

“I preferred to play with the boys and wore the boys uniform to school because I thought I was one of them. But one day, the boys told me I couldn’t play with them anymore because I was a girl.”

G Flip said that they then went to play with the girls at school but was rejected again because they were dressed like a boy.

“The kids would call me a ‘waste of space’ and I was ostracised,” they said.

“This left me confused.”

G Flip said that considering a song about their gender identity is something so personal, they felt it was deeply important to “represent it properly from start to finish”.

“I’m proud to say that the entire cast of the music video identifies as non-binary or genderfluid,” they wrote.

“The crew behind the camera are over 85% queer and 55% gender non-conforming. For everyone involved with “Waste Of Space”, it wasn’t just another day at work.”

They said they feel like their purpose in life is to help educate the world on gender identity through their artistry and are focusing on being “the non-binary role model that I never had growing up.”