KFC Is About To Trial Delivery In Oz Bc Leaving The House Is For Chumps

I am vegetarian. This might seem like a terrible way to start an article about delivery KFC, but it’s to let me say this: it’s the only thing I miss. Seriously. There are reasonable substitutes for pretty much everything and the rest I can do without. Except KFC.
You can deep fry anything non-meaty you want, you will never be able to replicate the experience of drowning your sorrows or drowning your joy (possibly not a thing) in a bucket of KFC. Until we can grow entire chickens in labs and I manage to stick to my convictions, I can only yearn for what I privately refer to as ‘the Colonel‘s gold’.
For the rest of you, though, that aren’t me, the world is becoming a brighter place – KFC is trialling delivery in Australia, presumably to keep pace with all the other fast food chains that have realised that no one ever wants to leave the house.
According to KFC Australia managing director Nikki Lawson, eight stores will begin the trial some time within the next three weeks.
It’s not clear which stores they’ll be trialling the delivery in, but I guess keep your eye on Deliveroo (the delivery platform they’ll be using) over the next few weeks to see if you have been blessed by the man in white and his many chickens.
Source: SMH.
Photo: Twitter / Donald ‘Filthy for the bird’ Trump.