KFC Is Slinging $1 Feeds For The Next 11 Days & That’s Your Finger Lickin’ Lunch Sorted Then

kfc $1 deals left-handed menu

Thrifty binches rejoice, KFC is rolling out daily tasty treats for a mere dollar every day for 11 days. Consider all your lunches sorted from now until the end of the month because it kicks off today with $1 Zinger burgers.

The number of days seems a bit arbitrary but it’s because KFC realised it’s been advertising its fried chook with right-handed models for years, leaving the lefties out of the picture. This is left-handed erasure, Ned Flanders would be mortified.

Apparently, around 11 per cent of the population is left-handed so KFC has attempted to right its wrongs by offering the “Left-Handed menu” — 11,000 items for $1 at 1pm AEDT every day for 11 days.

“At KFC, we believe everyone has a seat at the table, and no one should be left out, but we’ll admit that we’ve been guilty of unknowingly favouring the right-handers over the years,” KFC SMO Sally Spriggs said in a statement.

“So, we’re thrilled to be launching the world’s first Left-Handed KFC to make sure no one gets left out.”

Look we know it’s a bit of a reach but hey, it results in cheap chook for the rest of us.

Today’s deal — $1 Zinger burgers — drops at 1pm on the KFC app if you’re after a thrifty tummy-filler for lunch (or brunch if you’re over in Perth). You just have to be one of the first 11,000 people with fast fingers to get the deal.

If you miss out it’s ok, each day there will be a new deal dropping at 1pm AEDT including Popcorn Chicken and Twisters. All of those for a dollar. It feels illegal, like I’m committing some kind of delicious chicken crime but I simply will not question it.

So go forth and alert the group chat because shit-cheap feeds are in your immediate future (or at least until October 30).