Cut In A Sick Iso Mullet And You Could Win A Year’s Supply Of Moon Dog Froth Whitlams

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to go at your own tresses of hair with the shears, clippers, or those crappy kitchen scissors in the back of the second drawer, let this be your sign to just commit and do it. No room for cowards here, only sick mullets thanks. Your potential reward for cutting in a sweet (and definitely not internal crisis-related) party out back? A couple of tins of Moon Dog beer.

To celebrate the new froth from the Melbourne brewery – a bloody delish strawberry sour ale called Jean-Strawb Van Damme – Mood Dog wants to see your best iso-mullets, and will be slinging tins to everyone who shows ’em off.

Naturally, the best (read: probably worst) neck warmer will score themselves a year’s supply of beers from Moon Dog, as well as a slick prize pack from Beef Barbers, so you can keep the salad looking sharp and fresh.

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The Jean-Strawb Van Damme is the latest sour sipper from the Moon Dog brewers, joining the Melon DeGeneres, Cherry Seinfeld and David Boysenberry in the wider range of Magnificent Mullet beers.

Jean-Strawb is packed full of an insane amount of strawberries, which apparently makes the whole brewery smell like jam on toast, and smacks you in the face with tartness, before easing into the juiciness of the fruit.

I actually had one of these bevs after a very long walk on Sunday and let me tell you, it goes down a bloody treat after a bitta exercise. Especially in the back yard in the afternoon sun. You beaut.

Anyway, to show off your finest follicles and try to score that year’s supply of precious bevingtons, snap a pic or video of your iso mullet efforts, upload it to Instagram (so you cop bulk faves and alarmed messages from your mum) and tag in both Moon Dog (@moondogbrewing) and Beef Barbers (@beefbarbers).

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.