Volley’s Released A Shoe W/ A Detachable Mullet So Your Legs Can Have A Party In The Back Too

Volley has launched mullet shoes and no it’s not a belated April Fools prank! These shoes are lowkey iconic. Dare I say it, they’re even camp.

I just know a queer Melbourne fashion girlie will rock these on TikTok and they’ll immediately sell out.

The Volley mullet shoes (the Volley’s Heritage High Mullet Edition if you’re nasty or formal) are a collab with Black Dog Institute. 100 per cent of the money raised from the shoes will go to Black Dog Institute’s Mullet for Mental Health program.

Mullets for a great cause are the best kind of mullets if you ask me. Plus this mullet is removable should you find yourself in a fancy establishment.

I imagine finding a Volley mullet in the bottom of your handbag is the more intense version of mistaking a pair of old false eyelashes in your purse for a spider. Not that I’ve done that before of course.

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The Volley site says the mullets are perfect for “styling, cutting, dying”. So what I’m hearing is that this is the cool adult version of playing hairdresser with your Barbies.

You can pre-order the limited edition shoes now. They’ll set you back $84.99. Pretty sweet deal considering the absolute fun you could have with one (1) removable mullet and one (1) willing bald friend. Calling my Dad RN.

“Volley is honoured to have joined forces with Black Dog Institute to create this mullet masterpiece,” said Volley Australia’s general manager John Szwede as per Concrete Playground.

“We feel that partnering with the Institute, particularly for the Mullets for Mental Health campaign, allows us to instil our light-hearted, larrikin spirit into a difficult topic to broach, making it less daunting and easier to spark conversation.

“We want people to be interactive with their mullet volleys – cut them, dye them, braid them and most importantly, wear them.”

Obviously raising funds for mental health research is tremendously important. But I’m also obsessed with shampooing your grimy sneaker mullets and hanging them out on the Hills Hoist to dry. Peak Australia if you ask me.