We Shit You Not, The WA Premier Has Made A Statement About This Mullet-Related Fiasco

Meanwhile in WA, Premier Mark McGowan has shown his support for a Scarborough teen after he was knocked back at the pub door… because of his mullet.

The story goes that on his 18th birthday, Cooper Allin wanted to go to the pub. He’d had a drink with his mum and mates at home, and was ready to “sink some frothies”. But when he rocked up to the El Grotto pub, the bouncer turned him away.

“He said, ‘no mullets allowed’,” Cooper told 7News on Monday. “I was more concerned about my pluggers but he wasn’t too fussed about that.”

Cooper just thought it was all a bit silly. “It’s a mullet, heaps of people have mullets,” he said.

“To have one beer and get told, ‘no, you can’t come in because of your hair, was a bit devastating.”

According to the Australian Hotels Association WA, it is legal for bars to set their own dress standards. It all caused a bit of a raucous, to be honest. So fronting media later that day, Premier McGowan shared his thoughts / feelings / opinions on the mullet.

“Some of my best friends have mullets,” McGowan said. “I’d just encourage people with mullets to ride up and rebel.” Ride up and rebel. 

You heard him.

As for Cooper – well, the mullet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Oh bloody oath it’s not coming off at all, if anything I’ll grow it longer for them,” he said.

The lad’s story has since copped him an invite to next year’s annual Mulletfest.

The Mulletfest in Kurri Kurri celebrates and honours the mullet in all its glorious forms and styles. Categories include the ‘everyday’, the ‘grubby’, ‘ranga’, ‘vintage’, ‘extreme’, ‘international’, and ‘junior’. All entrants are judged on the overall presentation of their mullet and stage presence. The top title? ‘Best Mullet of them All’.