A NSW health inspector has shared her tips and tricks on TikTok that may just save you from a stomach bug or two this year. Using this knowledge, you better believe I will never be eating at dodgy restaurants again. My lockdown has just been saved.

Friends, although some of us are under stay at home orders while others are free to galavant across their state as they please, one thing remains a constant certainty, and that’s the accessibility of takeaway.

The strong allure of ordering in is definitely something a lot of us succumb to during periods of lockdown, and thanks to health inspector and TikTok user @7semykittens, we can now tell which restaurants are dodgy or not.

In case you didn’t know, NSW, VIC, SA and WA all have public food offenders lists, while QLD has its own special star rating that you can check out. According to @7semykittens, this allows you to see which restaurants have been slapped on the wrist for failing to meet food safety requirements.

As for TAS, NT and ACT, @7semykittens says she has not found any public database for food offenders.

“So, I’m a health inspector,” @7semykittens says in her viral TikTok vid.

“I inspect every single place that sells foods from supermarkets to food trucks. When one of these food shops fail I issue them a penalty notice. Every time a penalty notice is issued by a health inspector it goes on a database, which can be accessed by the general public.

“What I want you to google is ‘NSW food authority name and shame’. The ‘prosecutions’ are the ones that are really endangering public health. Health inspectors do not penalise lightly. Treat this as a survival hack.”


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Thanks to this vid, I can now understand how the database works. You better believe I’ve already searched my suburb and all adjacent suburbs. I’ve already spotted three red flag locations, which has me feeling ILL.

However, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed and afraid to eat out ever again, according to our new favourite online health inspector.

“There are some businesses that don’t comply with food safety laws, but most do comply,” @7semykittens says in a follow-up video.

“A lot of people show genuine concern, not wanting to eat out anymore. I really think you have nothing to worry about because I have shown you a great resource you can use to avoid those dodgy food shops.

“Health inspectors do exist and we do our jobs very diligently.”


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So yeah, if you find out that your fave local takeaway place is on the list, maybe proceed with caution the next time you crave a bit of their fast food delivered to your door. And if the place isn’t on the list, then you can trust them with not just your money, but your grumbly stomach as well.

If you need me, I’m going to be googling every suburb that my friends live in to inform them of dodgy takeaways near them.