Guzman Y Gomez Just Canned One Of Its Best Menu Items & Now I’m Grumpy Y Glum

Looks like my burrithole will remain empty forever ‘cos Guzman Y Gomez has quietly discontinued a menu item that’s beloved by Aussies across the nation. I’m talking about the death of GYG’s shredded mushies filling.

Fans of the plant-based alternative filling called out the Mexican fast food joint in the comments of a TikTok, questioning the restaurant where the bloody hell shredded mushrooms went.

In reply to the overwhelming hullabaloo surrounding the missing mushies, GYG confirmed that the beloved menu item has been quietly canned. DUN DUN DUUUUUN.

“Sorry! For now, the mushroom filling has been removed from the menu,” the official GYG said in a comment that demanded the mushrooms.

To make matters worse, it was confirmed that the filling will not be coming back. Like, ever.

“Sorry, mushroom won’t be making a return, but you can still get our amazing sautéed veggie filling with added guac!” the restaurant replied to another comment demanding the mushrooms.

Ugh, GYG, love you guys so much, but y’all fumbled the bag with this one. It truly is a shiiit-ake decision, lads!!! According to NCA Newswire, the mushrooms have been gone since last month, but where was the memo??? Why was I not CC’d in this very important email?

Since they quietly confirmed that they’ve pulled the fave menu item, folks have been expressing their sadness over the restaurant’s decision to nix its shiitake mushrooms.

@Guzman y Gomez you’re cancelled for removing the shredded mushroom from the menu. Mad Mex is where it’s at,” one person wrote.

“Removing the mushroom filling is the worst decision you could have made. Your day will come,” a second TikToker commented.

“I don’t know who decided to take shredded mushrooms off the menu but I HOPE YOUR PILLOW IS WARM ON BOTH SIDES!” wrote a third.

According to NCA Newswire, a spokesperson for the fast food restaurant said that it was pulled from the menu “due to lack of sales”.

“Unfortunately our shredded mushroom filling wasn’t selling enough to stay on our menu at this time,” the GYG spokesperson said.

“GYG are working on new menu items new in our test kitchen which are even more delicious so we hope to have some new menu innovations for our guests to try soon! Watch this space!”

Maybe they will be introducing a new veggie option like enoki mushrooms or shredded jackfruit — which I hear is scrumptious veggie substitute especially for pulled pork dishes.

For now, I guess we’ll sit and mourn what we use to have.

RIP GYG shredded shiitake mushroom filling. We loved you since 2021 up until now.