PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Chatime to pour the tea on all things first times.

Gather round, saucy minxes – it’s time to pour the (bubble) tea.

For today’s daily dose of awkward conversation, let’s talk first times.

Ah, the good ol’ ‘first time’ topic. Some of us look back fondly on our respective first times, while others understandably reminisce with a rather squeamish recollection. Either way, now’s the moment to celebrate your first time, in all its quirky, wacky and uncomfortable glory.

So tell us everything about your first time… in 25 words or less below. What happened? Where did you do it? What made it so damn memorable? Dish to the squad, if you will.


Now, before I continue, get your mind out of the gutter kids – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a story about the first time you got a little frisky. It could be anything from the first time you met a celeb to the first time you wet yourself (bonus points if these two points coincide). It could be about the first time you hiked the Himalayas, broke a bone or got catfished (even more bonus points if these correlate).

Whatever it is, if it’s memorable, funny or unique, we’re here for it.

We’ll reward the first 250 entries with 2 free Chatimes – one for you and one for a pal – with the best 2 entries winning free Chatime for a year.

Yes, you heard correctly. Free Chatime FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.


So what are you waiting for? Blow the dust off your chest of secrets, drag that elephant back into the room, and sweep your old emotional baggage out from under the rug.

Treat it as a concise 25-words-or-less therapy or group chat session that, for 2 of you lucky folk, will just happen to result in a year’s worth of Chatime goodness. What more could your wild self want?

We’ll be waiting. *Sips tea*

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