Deuxmoi Revealed The Specific Things Celebs Love To Eat & Can Someone Check On Rami Malek Pls?

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Top-tier gossip monger Deuxmoi has fed us a delicious morsel of celebrity intel, this time about all the weird and wonderful things that A-listers and others simply love to munch down on. There are some deeply specific requests in here — including an entire cookie recipe from Elton John — so let’s grab a knife and fork and dig in.

Food is the language of love but is also the great equaliser between celebs and us plebs. Everyone has a specific treat or meal they would risk it all for and if you reckon you don’t then I’m sorry but you’re lying.

Apparently, Joe Keery absolutely froths sugar snap peas and tinnies of La Croix which is a huge summer snacky mood. Meanwhile, Rami Malek enjoys little glass jars of baby food. I mean, I remember having an apple sauce obsession when I was like 13 and everyone wore dummies to school like baby ravers but that’s just me.

deuxmoi celebrity food favourite
Respectfully Rami, what the fuck? [Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
Tea spillers told Deuxmoi that Camilla Cabello eats a banana with every single meal and I’d simply love to see her potassium levels. No single mosquito has ever broken her skin.

Taylor Swift‘s intriguing snack is pineapple with salt which sounds like a forbidden combo but I reckon low-key slaps so hard. I’m actually gonna try that this weekend.

Samuel L Jackson is a sucker for Australia’s finest: Bundaberg ginger beer. The man’s got taste, I cannot deny it. You have to respect his preference for the Best Gingey-B out there. Sir, may we suggest you come visit so someone can take you to the home of Bundy?

It seems that Timothée Chalamet is a carb lover just like the rest of us. He’s got a particular penchant for käsespätzle, a baked German dish made with layers of pasta and heaps of cheese. Sounds like fucking heaven if you ask me.

deuxmoi celebrity food favourite
[Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
Back to Elton John’s specific bickies. Apparently, he requests freshly-baked “Rocket Man” cookies everywhere he goes and someone’s gone to the effort of handwriting the recipe down so they can be made in a pinch.

deuxmoi celebrity food favourite
Honestly, I wanna make these. [Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
One person who was revealed to contain culinary multitudes is temporary Australian, Zac Efron. The Deuxmoi celebrity tea revealed he is a fiend for liver and bone broth (ooft) but also loves to order chicken fingers from the kids’ menu.

Bless him, he’s both buff-conscious but also loves a nuggie. A man after my own heart.

deuxmoi celebrity food favourite
BLESS THIS. [Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
And for those who want to know, Harry Styles simply loves a pickle — so much so he takes Branston pickles and beans on tour with him — and is apparently also obsessed with peas. Classic British behaviour, that.