An Oscars Bartender Revealed Which Celebs Were Super Nice & How Vibes Were After *That* Slap

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Ahh, the Oscars. The annual event where a whole bunch of (allegedly) wealthy people say stupid things, do stupid things and wear things that aren’t stupid enough. Thankfully there’s a light in the tunnel though, as one bartender from the event has revealed. Some of these (allegedly) rich folks are actually nice! Who’d’ve thunk?

Oscars bartender and writer Daniel Ralston hopped onto Twitter to spill some bulk Lemondrop (AKA tea) about which celebs were the nicest to serve. He also gave a little bit of insight into what the vibe was like after that slap heard across the globe.

“Everybody stopped drinking after the slap,” he wrote.

“Nicest celebs of the night were Reba (McEntire) and Rami Malek.”

Somehow I’m not surprised that these two were the peak of positive vibes throughout the night. They just give off such kind energy, especially Miss Reba.

Ralston also revealed that a celebrity couple (which he couldn’t name for reasons of privacy) wanted to find a close-by area to smoke. They were apparently told that the 5th-floor lounge was the designated smoking area, but wanted something closer. Thus, they were taken to the dumpsters and were pleased.

Honestly, I could spend the next week of my life just trying to decipher which celeb couple it was. Kristen Stewart and her fiancée Dylan Meyer? The ultimate couple Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem? My mind is simply tinkering with ideas.

Because the internet is often a pit of lies and fabrications, here’s a pic of Daniel Ralston actually bartending the Oscars. And hey, there’s his favourite celeb Rami Malek right in front of him.

Please ignore the giant screen playing American Idol for some reason. You folks could’ve been playing the two-time Oscar-winning movie The Eyes of Tammy Faye now on Disney+. Jessica Chastain ate that role. Or at least put on some Funniest Home Videos.

Sorry folks but if you wanted to follow Ralston for more tea, that’s all there is. Obviously he’d have heaps more, but he’s a private event bartender and would love to keep his job!

Gonna place my secret bets on who was the rudest. I reckon I have an idea of who it was.