Pics Of Rami Malek As Freddie Mercury Will Kick Your Can All Over The Place

New photos of Rami Malek as legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury have arrived, proving that even if upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is a total disaster, at least the leading man absolutely nailed the look.

One shot posted on 20th Century Fox’s Instagram showcases Malek as an off-duty Mercury, flanked by Gwilym Lee‘s similarly spot-on Brian May. The second replicates a scene from the band’s era-defining 1985 Live Aid concert.

The release of the images coincides with the first showing of the film’s trailer at CinemaCon. Rudely, the footage has not yet surfaced online, but The Hollywood Reporter states it opens with Malek’s young Mercury first asking to join Queen.

“Not with those teeth, mate,” a bandmate replies.

While we’re obviously desperate for that footage, these images represent the best look to date at the film. Entertainment Weekly posted a sneak-peek image of Malek as Mercury last year, and some now-deleted footage of the crew filming the Live Aid sequence got fans worked up, too.

The movie is slated to premiere in North America on November 2.