Treatie Sweeties Cadbury & Sara Lee Have Teamed Up To Unleash An Unholy Caramilk Mousse Cake

caramilk mousse cake sara lee

Alert that one mate who is still simply obsessed with everything Caramilk, because it’s now in cake form. Not just any old cake, either. It’s a Caramilk Mousse cake. Yep, Cadbury really has done the most by hitting up everyone’s fave dessert aunty: Sara Lee.

The most delicious collab since someone put Milo on ice cream, the Caramilk mousse cake sounds like it’s gonna give the sacred Viennetta a run for its money when it comes to sweets at Nan’s birthday.

This decadent, golden treat features a crumbly bickie base with a mousse layer made from Caramilk above it. That’s topped with a gooey Caramilk sauce and sprinkles of Caramilk Flake chocolate. What more can you do beyond shoving a whole block of Caramilk inside it and calling it a day?

I tell you what though, Miss Sara Lee can truly do no wrong when it comes to sweeties. That binch sure knows how to get my saliva glands going off their clackers.

A Caramilk Mousse cake will set you back a tidy $10 a pop — which is damn cheap for a mid-week treatie. They’ll be landing in the freezer aisles of your local Coles from February 21, and then at Woolies from March 14.

Honestly, this sounds like the perfect way to see out the warmer months: sitting on the couch on a cool autumn night and inhaling a golden wedge of fluffy, silken mousse cake. Maybe there’s a bit of whipped cream on the side, or you’ve pulled a Caramilk ice cream off the stick and artfully arranged it by your chunk of cake.

caramilk mousse cake
[Image: Supplied]
So go ahead and lock this one in as the perfect birthday cake for that one person in the group chat who will forever be horny for anything Caramilk flavoured. Now they can have their Cara-cake and eat it too.