Bubble O’Bill Tubs Have Just Hit IGA Shelves & I Would Quite Literally Sell My Soul For One

bubble o'bill tub

2020 has officially been saved because Streets Ice Cream have turned two of their most iconic flavours, Bubble O’Bill and Rainbow Paddle Pop into tubs. TUBS. TUBS!!

In a move that is sure to make everyone’s iso a little less miserable, you can now eat a big ol’ mouthful of Bubble O’Bill straight out of the tub (or share it, but we all know those 1L tubs are designed for solo consumption).

The news has seemingly been kept on the down low, with no official announcement from Streets yet. But the tubs are already being delivered to independent supermarkets across the country, so BRB while I raid my local IGA.

Streets fans were first alerted to the news when Richies Merbein (Victoria) shared a sneaky photo on Facebook, promptly sending fans wild.

“You saw it here first,” the grocer shared.

But they’re not the only independent grocer to share their stock, with Donge’s Supa IGA and Ashcroft’s IGA Irskine Park also sharing their own photos of the soon-to-be hit flavours.

It appears the flavours are exclusive to independent grocers for the time being, which seems like a great excuse to support local business.

In addition to the Paddle Pop and Bubble O’Bill tubs, the supermarkets are also stocking Golden Gaytime tubs, but that’s old news at this point. The REAL selling point here is the bloody Bubble O’Bills.

At this point, we know pretty much nothing about the release (except for the fact that there is one). How much? Is it a limited time offer? Does my local supermarket have it in stock? Will it be coming to the big supermarkets? All great questions, but right now we’ve got no bloody idea.

It’s unclear why Streets haven’t made a public announcement yet, but if I were you, I’d be giving your local IGA a call in the morning to see if they’re in stock.

Perhaps it’s just a trial, or an independent grocer exclusive. Either way, I would quite literally sell my soul for a tub of Bubble O’Bill.

Streets, if you’re reading this, please give the people what they want.