There Is Now An Official Bubble O’Bill Jewellery Line & It’s Darn-Tooting Adorable

Bubble O'Bill Jewellery Line

Everyone’s darn-tooting fave nostalgia treat Bubble O’Bill now has its own jewellery line, which is not a sentence I ever thought I would write but here we are.

Jewellery brand Couture Kingdom and Streets’ ice creams Bubble O’Bill and Paddle Pop have launched a collab that we didn’t know we needed, and just in time for Christmas too.

The new jewellery line includes 54 pieces (30 for the Bubble O’Bill range, 24 for Paddle Pop) ranging from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and even cufflinks, and they’re all gold-plated and come in either cute pastel colours, or are bedazzled.

Bubble O'Bill and Paddle Pop jewellery range
Image: Couture Kingdom

Just look at these cuties!! They’re giving me throwback 2011 Gloss vibes (remember that store??) and now I viscerally miss being 12 years old, picking bedazzled jewellery and sticky lipgloss that definitely doesn’t suit my skin tone. Ah, to be young.

The line also includes more of your fave Streets ice cream symbols, including earrings of Max the lion, necklaces with the Street’s iconic rainbow, and tortoiseshell Paddle Pop earrings that mimic that swirl we know and love.

“As huge fans of these iconic Aussie ice creams, it has been an incredible honour for us here at Couture Kingdom to create this collection,” Couture Kingdom chief creative officer Karen Ridikas said.

“Our Couture Kingdom fans have (as have we) grown up with the flavours of both Bubble O’ Bill and Paddle Pop and are avid collectors of pure nostalgic pop-culture accessories.

“For us it was all about delivering a fun, easy to wear collection that evokes the feelings of childhood summers that you can add to your everyday style no matter how old you are now.”

The Bubble O’Bill marketing really has us by our goddamn throats, huh??? Absolute geniuses.