We Found Those New Streets Ice-Creams & Here’s Our Review After Eating Them For Lunch

Sometimes being a disgusting grub is the best fun, and what better time to do grot shit like eat ice-cream for lunch than during a pandemic, when we’re all stressed to the gills? That was my reasoning behind eating Streets new ice-cream tubs for lunch.

I choofed down to my local IGA, which are apparently the only stockists at the moment of the tubs, and found Bubble O Bill and…. Golden Gaytime???

I remember there were (and maybe still are) Golden Gaytime x Blue Ribbon tubs – they were amazing. But this looks like it’s meant to be more JUST the Golden Gaytime flavours in a pint. Whatever. We’ll see.

Sadly, no Rainbow Paddle Pop. I even embarrassingly begged the staff to check the cool room. I have no shame.

Okay! So! Review!

Bubble O Bill


First – no, there is no nose bubble gum on this bad boy. That would maybe be creepy, to be honest, because it also doesn’t have a face – it’s more swirls of the same flavours in a tub. I don’t think I’d want to open this thing and see a face staring out at me, you know?

Instead, there are these little bubble gum FLAVOURED candy pieces. I would say it’s disappointing to eat Bubble O Bill ice-cream without the added, secret treat bonus of bubblegum (didn’t we all buy this as kids because we thought we’d tricked our parents into getting us not one, but TWO treats??) but honestly you’re buying this tub for the combo of sweet, bubblegum taste mixed with ice-cream, right?

It delivers on that.

But more interestingly, it was my favourite. I’m not that much of a Bubble O Bill fan but it had the vibe of Neapolitan ice-cream, with those little bubblegum flavour bits. It was DAMN good.

Golden Gaytime

I am a Golden Gaytime superfan, but while I liked this tub I didn’t love it the way I love the OG icecream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s PERFECT for when you want the vibes of a Gaytime without the annoying factor of walking (ew) down to the shops to buy one. It’s just in a tub in my freezer now! There for whenever I feel like crying into it while watching The Notebook!

But there’s definitely less biscuit bits. Like, significantly less, it’s more that they’re swirled through a little. If that’s the sole reason you buy Gaytimes, you’ll be disappointed. But if you love the toffee ice-cream this is your shit, for sure, coz the ice-cream is on point.

So, should you buy ’em? I don’t think these can replace the OG ice-cream on a stick – they’re not direct replicas in a tub. But they were both delicious, and definitely had vibes of the OG ice-cream on a stick which makes them pretty useful if you’re bored of vanilla ice-cream after dinner or whatever.