New 1L Paddle Pop Tubs Brings Canteen Faves Chocolate & Banana Together At Last

choc banana paddle pop tub

For those among us who always opted for either the chocolate or the banana Paddle Pops at the canteen, please prepare thine asses because a new treat has landed that’s right up your alley. Choc-banana Paddle Pop tubs. Yep, a whole tub of banana and choccy ice cream swirled together for your delight and pleasure.

The brand new tubs of frozen choc-narnie yums (depending on who you ask) have just slid into freezers at the shops, which means you don’t have to eat both a chocolate and banana stick ice cream to get the flavour combo anymore. Not that I’m suggesting anyone was doing that, but now there’s an easier way.

As always with new product drops, Instagram snack sleuths found the new Paddle Pop tubs in their local freezer section in late May, quietly showing off the new treat and ranking it an 8/10. It must be bloody good if a dedicated snack Insta

How does this look delish to someone (me) who doesn’t even like bananas? I’m sitting here salivating over that pic, and banana Paddle Pops were always my least-fave in the freezer at school.

Snooping around, it looks like the Choc Banana Paddle Pop tubs are currently available at Coles (it’s so new that there’s no image on the site for it yet) and at the time of writing it’s on special for $6 – but a one-litre tub will normally set you back $8. You’ll also be able to find them in the ice cream freezers of your local IGA and ALDI.

A whole litre of chocolate and banana Paddle Pop ice cream in a tub, which you could share but you could also just shove a heavy-duty paddle pop stick in there and somehow fashion it into a giant ice cream stick.

Can someone please make sure this news gets to Todd Carney so he can relive this precious snack moment in his life from nine years ago?

I just really think the new Choc Banana Paddle Pop tubs will be right up his alley. Just a bit of a hunch.