The most chocolatiest time of the year is upon us and this year we are being absolutely blessed with something from the wild wild west — a Bubble O’Bill chocolate egg.

For the first time ever the iconic Aussie ice cream is transforming into a sweet treat that’ll be less likely to melt in your hands before you scoff it down. And don’t stress, you’ll still get your bubble gum fix at the end.

Cowboy Bill has sauntered out of the freezer and into the sweeties aisle as an egg that features all the beloved parts of the ice cream stick. It’s a milk choccy egg coated in a strawberry choc marbling mixed with chewy berry bits and crunchy caramel chunks. All the elements of the yummy Bubble O’Bill ice cream in egg form.

Most importantly, the bubble is still part of the delicious experience. The new Bubble O’Bill egg includes not one, not two, but five gumballs. Five! That’s enough chewy to blow a bubble the size of your bloody head (which I have absolutely done in the past) or plenty of gum to share with a couple of mates.

You’ll be able to find these gum-chewin’, darn tootin’ choccy eggs in your local Woolies from March 16th, and they’ll set you back $10 a pop. Not a bad price for a pretty fancy-ass Chocolatier egg to shovel into your gullet over the long weekend.

The Bubble O’Bill joins the deeply delish Golden Gaytime Eggsellence egg in the range of ice creams turned into Easter treats (which are available from Coles and Woolies right now).

Hey so if the Easter Bunny is reading this (read: my shopping list) you know what to do when these land in shops next week.

Image: Supplied