Australia’s Best Tap Water City Has Been Crowned, Will Now Compete At Global Tap Water Champs

The city with Australia’s best tap water for 2022 has finally been decided and this is truly what dreams are made of.

Taking out the title for this year’s yummiest and most delicious drop was Melbourne Water, represented by the Cresswell Water Treatment Plant.

The result would’ve been unsurprising to anyone who has had the opportunity, nay, the privilege of sampling Melbourne’s tap water. That shit slaps so hard it should illegal to sell bottled water there.

The championships were co-hosted by the Richmond Valley Council in northeastern NSW and the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) which I’m told is absolutely a real thing.

What makes this competition even more illustrious is the fact that the competing water plants had to first battle it out in their respective states for the opportunity to reach tap water nationals.

It truly feels like inter-school debating all over again.

“We want to use the competition to let people know the great work that is going on in local communities around Australia, and help to shape and secure Australia’s water future,” said George Wall, the head honcho (AKA managing director) of the Water Industry Operators Association.

Based in Healesville, the champions at the Cresswell Water Treatment Plant won the Victorian conference in July after its tap water was deemed best in show based on colour, clarity, odour and taste as per Melbourne Water.

As the old saying goes, there’s something in the water in Melbourne. Or perhaps there isn’t? Maybe it’s all down to the filtration?

One thing’s certain though — I won’t rest until I find out what the secret ingredient is. It’s like KFC’s secret herbs and prices but way better for your gut health.

Melbourne Water will now take on the world at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition in West Virginia next February. Which, again, I’m told is absolutely a real thing.

What a wild ride we’ve all been on. Stay hydrated out there, folks.