There Was An Actual Water Tasting Competition In Oz & Mackay QLD Won Top Gong

Water has varying taste, and if you don’t believe me it’s probably because you’re rich and drink like, 4,000 percent twice distilled filtered through crystals water. So it’s not actually completely unhinged that a water tasting competition went down in Australia this weekend – and Mackay, QLD took out the top spot.

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Yep, if you live in Mackay you can safely say you’ve got the tastiest drinking water. Well, kind of – it’s not like they tested water from every single possible tap in the country. Instead, tap water samples were taken from each state – Nowra, in New South Wales, Launceston, Tasmania, Swan Reach, in South Australia, Geelong, in Victoria, Mackay, in Queensland and Perth, Western Australia. These were then blind-tested by punters at a festival in Dunkeld, VIC.

“The vernacular is similar to a wine tasting competition, Craig Mathisen, organiser of the comp, told ABC. “There may be an earthiness to the sample, or a fishiness, if it’s come from a coastal area. In between samples, we actually get people to smell some coffee beans to neutralize their palette.”

Craig takes this shit seriously – he even kept the sample containers in his hotel room overnight to ensure no one tampered with them.

The Mackay water that won was specifically from the Marian Water Treatment plant. Mackay water will now go on to represent Australia (yes, really) at the Berkeley Springs International Tap Water Tasting competition in the US next year.