Melbourne’s Tap Water Warning Has Officially Lifted So Give Yourself Some Wet Ass Plumbing

In a seemingly rare bout of good news for the city of Melbourne, an alert advising the residents of nearly 90 suburbs to boil their tap water before use has been totally lifted.

That’s right. Drink it, gargle it, or make ice sculptures on the last day of winter: that shit is now safe for use without heating it beforehand, according to Yarra Valley Water.

In a statement released yesterday afternoon, the utility company confirmed the Boil Water Advisory is totally donezo, three days after postcodes across the metro area were advised not to scull water straight from the tap.

Impacted punters have been advised to run their taps for a couple of minutes before using the water, just to flush the system.

Anyone who was forced to buy bottled water because of the advisory can contact Yarra Valley Water for a refund.

The situation kicked off on Friday, when Yarra Valley Water revealed a power outage at the Silvan Valley dam allowed untreated water to enter the literal mainstream.

Yarra Valley Water warned the untreated water was “potentially unsafe” and could potentially cause gastro-like symptoms. Not ideal, especially during a pandemic.

The advisory was partially lifted yesterday, after authorities confirmed nearly 40 suburbs were clear to use their tap water as per usual.

Yarra Valley Water says they convened with the Department of Health and Human Services and Melbourne Water to confirm the situation is now entirely back to normal.

Hydro homies, rejoice.