Here’s Why People Are Saying That Brisbane’s Tap Water Tastes Like A Rusty Robot’s Butt-Crack

brisbane tap water

Folks in Brisbane are claiming that their tap water is tasting like pure warm sewage juice (yuck), so we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV has officially investigated.

Brisbane-based TikToker Lachlan Crane told PEDESTRIAN.TV he started noticing “a metallic and almost rusty” taste to the water coming out of his tap a few days ago.

“It happens every now and then,” he said, citing the rain as the likely reason.

He shared his experience in a comedic TikTok posted on Tuesday where several other Brissie locals agreed that something was suss about their taps as of late.


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Several admitted that “legit something has changed”. One described it as pure dirt; another added that it “tastes like I licked a tree”. I just hope it doesn’t taste like a rotten egg when boiled.

So, what exactly is the cause of this metallic, dirt-ass smoothie some are calling water? Well, first of all, it’s got nothing to do with your specific plumbing but appears to be affecting several parts of the state.

In a statement shared with PEDESTRIAN.TV, a Seqwater spokesperson confirmed Crane and the others’ claims, writing: “Residents in parts of Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan may have noticed a temporary change in the taste and smell of their tap water.

“These charges are due to an increase in naturally occurring, organic compounds in the raw water supply, following recent weather conditions.”

So, in layman’s words, the torrential rain in the region in the last week has carried organic materials into where our water supply comes from, hence the ~flavour~.

Fortunately, Seqwater says that the water is still drinkable and that the funky monkey taste and smell is temporary.

“The supply is constantly monitored and tested, and it continues to meet the stringent health requirements of The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines,” the spokesperson said.

“Segwater has taken steps to return the usual taste and smell by making additional releases from Wivenhoe Dam and moving water around the SEQ Water Grid.”

In the meantime hydrated besties, it’s time to glug, glug, glug that fancy 1.5L bottle of Evian. Y’know, if your local Coles or Woolies has them considering the limited stock and staff on hand right now thanks to the current outbreak.