Here’s The Best You Can Rent For $400 A Week In All Of Australia’s Pricey Capital Cities

australian capital cities rent sydney $400

TikTok is having a field day after one user decided to share what kind of apartment 400 dollarydoos a week can get you if you rent in the capital cities. Turns out that the closer you are to Sydney, the closer you are to bankruptcy.

The video was shared by TikTok user Samantha (@samshouse) who decided to explore the internet for what $400 a week can get you in the land down under.

Thankfully, they attached pictures as well for that extra level of investigative journalism. My monkey brain appreciates that.

You can have a look at the vid below:


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According to the video, for $400 a week you can snag the following:

  • Brisbane: A cute little one-bedroom apartment.
  • Sydney: Literally nothing (although you CAN get your own parking spot in the city for $400 a month).
  • Perth: A nice one-bedroom apartment.
  • Melbourne: A new two-bedroom apartment.
  • Darwin: Heatstroke (or, a new one-bedroom apartment with a “view.”)
  • Adelaide: A new one-bedroom apartment.

Hobart found dead, I guess.

Naturally, folks in the comments saw this as an opportunity to engage in some internet discourse about how correct these estimations were. Folks, if you live in Toowoomba, that isn’t Brisbane, of course your rent is cheap.

“I paid $350 per week in Brisbane to live in a studio apartment that had lead flakes in the water, black mould and water leaks everywhere,” wrote one commenter.

God, that sounds absolutely disgusting. Imagining living in BRISBANE.

Oh, and the lead flakes in the water sound rough too. No thank you!

“I fukn (sic) scored a two-bedroom in Syd for $400 a week literally have no idea how,” wrote another commenter.

They later clarified that they lived in Summer Hill, which is a very lovely suburb in the inner west. Although don’t go expecting similar prices around there.

“The Gold Coast gets you someone’s walk-in cupboard on the floor underneath their clothes,” wrote a third commenter.

Others wrote that they managed to find a 2 bedroom for $350 in Parramatta (God’s country), which is a pretty good deal.

And then there was a commenter arguing that Melbourne is extremely affordable, only to reveal they lived in fucking Merton (which has a population of around 190 and is about two hours from the city).

Stay safe out there folks! Renting is scary and muy expensivo!