Cursed Markings Have Appeared On Adelaide Homes & Reddit Is Trying To Solve This Spooky Case

mystery markings adelaide reddit

Aussie Redditors are in an absolute spin after one user in the r/Adelaide forum posted about mysterious markings appearing all over their house out of nowhere.

“Found these marked on our fence and back door entrance,” wrote user u/grey_daisie.

“They appeared overnight. Thoughts? Could the house be marked for a burglary?

“Looked around the neighbourhood and noticed both corner houses of our block have had their mailboxes marked.”

mystery markings adelaide reddit
No Time to escape? Four days to live? (Source: u/grey_daisie / Reddit).

Personally, if I saw any kind of marking on my house I’d either leave it immediately, set fire to it or hire a bodyguard/exorcist. Nothing good can come from mystery tags.

Everyone and their nonna had a crack at trying to decipher what the enigmatic markings meant — some guesses were serious and others were absolutely taking the piss out of the situation.

Here are some serious estimates from online Aussies:

“Peeps looking to break into your property — NT = no threat, S= security,” wrote one Redditor.

“The marks are usually the numbers of days they’ve been watching your place/how many times you use an entrance in a day.”

Not gonna lie, my mind went there straight away too. However, there’s no concrete proof that the NT stands for No Threat.

“My house was tagged in Melbourne and the neighbourhood FB group figured out it was all the houses with dogs and I have a bull terrier. Be careful!” wrote a second Redditor.

Unfortunately, this theory was also debunked — the owner confirmed they do not have a dog at all. Maybe the NT means No Terrier?

“Tags,” wrote a third Redditor.

“Crims using texta to mark upcoming operations is not logical, unless they are shit at being smart.”

I dunno, I wouldn’t put it past Adelads.

The best comment about the tags not being related to criminal activity is probs this one, though:

“I always love when people think there is some happy community of burglars just going around marking houses that they reckon their mates might be interested in robbing if they just so happen to walk down this street and look at the gutter for a mark or a rubber band left on a fence post or some shit. It makes no sense.”

Hit the head on the nail.

After a couple of bold guesstimates, the original poster decided to give a bit more information about these tags. Turns out their neighbours all along the street have them too now. Creepy.

“Our front door entrance is concealed by a front high-fenced garden. You cannot access the front door from the street. You need to use a gate (where the markings are),” they wrote.

“The back door entrance isn’t gated and is accessible. The four strike marks at the back entrance were on the only place visible but not exactly the obvious area. They were the last ones we found. We walked past them multiple times without seeing them.

“One letterbox has ‘S’ on its side. The other house’s letterbox has a long stroke.”

Someone is telling you to leave, my love.

Here are some of the funnier guesses as to what the hell the markings are:

“I think the markings are for the number of times the drifters have checked your place and NT just means No Treasure. You’re pretty safe now,” wrote one user.

“No Treasure? How about Next Tuesday?? Or even, Nuclear Takedown?… but chances are, NT is really the initials of a teenager,” wrote another.

“Lambs’ blood. Someone’s marked your fence and door so God will pass over you and spare your firstborn,” wrote a third.

The original poster confirmed that they made an official report after becoming “paranoid” about the fact that markings were also on homes at the very ends of the street.

That’s a nope from me. I do not like this one bit.