Excuse Me, ALDI Is Flinging A $40 Air Fryer Into The Sacred Special Buys Aisle This Weekend

Get ready for a new challenger to approach your kitchen gadget cupboard, because ALDI is slinging a fancy-looking digital air fryer for a bloody steal this weekend. Once again the sacred middle aisle has unearthed an absolute gem here, considering we’re all tearing through all the different ways to cook treats while in isolation.

The 2.5L air fryer might be a compact version of that massive 8L one that literally had people lining up before the doors opened when it went on sale earlier in May, but it’s absolutely the perfect size for some hot chippies, or whatever else you can dig out of the depths of the fridge, freezer or pantry to fry up.

Maybe some sneaky popcorn chicken, or perfect crunchy roast potatoes, or a couple of pub-level schnitties – the world is your air-fried oyster, my friend.

The Ambiano air fryer will set you back a tight $39.99, and if you know your way around an ALDI deal, you’ll also know that once they’re gone, they’re gone. There’s no telling when one of these hot-ticket gadgets will come back, much like the thermo-cooker or my personal favourite: the annual cast iron sale.

Much like the larger fryers that ALDI has blessed the sacred centre aisle with before, this little 1000W pocket-rocket air fryer features a non-stick pot and adjustable time and temperature feature.

Good luck and Godspeed if you’re gonna try and cop yourself one of these on Saturday morning. I guess if you miss out on an air fryer, you can always pick up a sweet power drill for $50.