Coles Throws Down The Gauntlet W/ A 25L Air Fryer Oven For Under $130 In Latest Best Buy Sale

We brought you the huge news at the start of the month that Coles was set to unleash its own “Best Buys” sales, directly putting competition up to the sacred ground of the ALDI middle aisle and its Special Buys, and now we’ve had a big ol’ sneak peek at the newest catalogue. And mates, the gloves are well and truly off here.

After a huge response to the first couple of sales, the Coles Best Buys will swing into even more supermarkets with a 25L all-in-one oven/air fryer for a very tidy $129. I mean if you look at the other homewares specials at certain supermarkets, you’ll know there is a smaller version of this going for $20 more. I dunno about you but thems fighting words to me. It’s absolutely on like Donkey Kong and I’m living for it.

Thumbing through the catalogue, which physically lands tomorrow so you can sort out your weekend budget ahead of time (smart, and responsible) the Best Buys will also feature fridge organisers, a three-tier food steamer (perfect for winter dim sims, thank you very much),  a 6.5L slow cookers, a stick mixer set, and a vacuum sealer. That’s just the beginning.

coles best buys
Lookin’ good, family.

Much like ~other shops~ the Coles Best Buys will explore a new theme, which will be revealed on a fortnightly basis. I’m not sure if the supermarkets will try and muscle in on the whole ‘middle aisle’ schtick, turning the weird nothing section into a glorious dumping ground of fucking incredible shit you probably don’t need but will absolutely buy anyway.

After the first lot of sales, there’s now a total of 88 stores across Australia that will be in on the Best Buys, so check out that cattle dog tomorrow to see if your local is getting around it.

Here’s looking at you, Woolies. Time to join in on the cheapo homewares train.