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It might not be proper soup weather yet (unless you’re like me and enjoy sweating out your demons over dinner) but ALDI is getting ready to serve up a hell of a treat in the sacred grounds of the chaotic middle aisle. We’re about to be utterly blessed with a dirt-cheap hot pot and grill situation, so get ready to play kitchen Tetris again.

Swinging into the hallowed land of that weird middle aisle full of stuff you never truly knew you needed until you saw it, the Electric Hot Pot and Grill will set you back $58.88 and truly endless sessions of cooking little things on the grill and then popping them into the boiling broth in the hot pot. Honestly, I’m all about this.

I had honestly forgotten the absolute joy in having hot pot dinner during the Melbourne lockdown months/year, but finally being able to go to hot pot again last week definitely unlocked something deep in my serotonin reserves. The delight in picking things out and quickly blanching or stewing them yourself in a spicy, flavoursome broth just makes my brain go brrrrr.

So now I can literally do it at home instead of making a sweaty, soupy mess of myself in public, and that’s a gamechanger. Maybe instead of becoming obsessed with my slow-cooker again this winter, I can now rebrand myself as That Broth Bitch and simply live my best life on a rapid boil.


The electric hot pot and grill lands in your local ALDI store from Wednesday, January 10 until stocks last – and if you’re in the market for some more kitchen tools, there are carbon steel woks, cast iron grill plates (!!!) and cooking utensils up for grabs in the specials this week.

Ahh, the sacred, blessed middle aisle. Never change, and never stop bringing me wonderful deals that I probably don’t need but I definitely want.

Image: ALDI