Don’t freak out but Aldi is slinging their iconic air fryer again next weekend and I’m not lying when I say I will fight every single one of you in aisle 3 to get my hands on one of them.

Air fryers are a staple for lazy bitch cooking at this point, allowing you to make everything from hot chips to whatever cool shit you’ve seen on TikTok. They’re a godsend, if I’m completely honest.

But that’s a *normal* air fryer, not the fancy Aldi one that doubles as a pizza oven and allows you to cook a whole bloody rotisserie chicken. I don’t think I will ever *need* to cook a rotisserie chicken, but I’m not going to say no to the option.

For the measly price of $99.99, you can become the proud new owner of the 23L Air Fryer Oven with Pizza Function as part of next Saturday’s (10 October) special buys catalogue.

The stainless steel device has 10 presets that allow you to do basically everything you could ever need.

Want to make some beef jerky? Well, you’re in luck because it doubles as a dehydrator. Pizza night? Cook that shiz on your 10″ pizza stone. Want to roast a whole ass chicken? Chuck it on the rotisserie and Bob’s your uncle!

Other features allow you to make fish and chips, bake a cake and defrost frozen foods, proving that it is much more than your standard air fryer.

If an air fryer doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, they’re also slinging 115L vintage bar fridges, toasters and an electric wine opening set, so they really have you covered for whatever your next pizza and wine night is missing.

The 33kg bar fridge features adjustable glass shelves and a chrome wine bottle rack, in addition to a cute vintage design. For just $299, it would quite frankly be rude not to.

As always, special buys sell like hotcakes (which you can probably make in your new air fryer), so you’ll want to set your alarm and get to Aldi first thing in the morning in order to secure one of these bad boys.

You can view the full Aldi Special Buys catalogue on the website here.