Some Bloke Legitimately Paid $1.50 For A ‘Nothing Burger’ At Maccas

The increasing automation of the world we live in gives us two really great advantages: the ability to never talk to anyone ever again, and the ability to exploit self-serve checkouts for cheap, glorious jokes.

Some absolute genius, some quick-thinking hero, has gone the whole hog of rorting a McDonald’s self-serve ordering station the receive the most secret of all menu items: the Nothing Burger.

Yes, in the fine internet tradition of None Pizza Left Beef, the Nothing Burger takes your standard cheeseburger – the humble cheesy, the heckin’ chee – and removes everything about it that actually makes it a cheeseburger, thereby making it inherently hilarious.

But far beyond the loose-meat-on-bread aesthetics of None Pizza Left Beef, Twitter user Arikuyo took the gag one step further by removing literally everything from the cheeseburger. Everything. Bun and all.

Discovering that Macca’s self-serve kiosks let you whittle any of their burgers down to nothing but fresh air, the order for a cheeseburger without onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles, cheese, regular bun, or even beef patty was placed.

Somehow, it still £0.99, or about $1.47.

The best part about this – where it gets really genius – is the fact that the restaurant actually carried out the order, delivering a crisp, empty takeaway bag with the tasty Nothing Burger nestled safely inside.

‘Course there’s questions to be asked about why would someone would pay actual money for a bag of nothing from McDonald’s.

But, honestly, a buck fiddy is an absolute bargain for a good bloody laugh these days. It’s money well spent, and we’re lovin’ it.