Plan Yr Summer Trip Stat Bc Virgin Australia Is Slicing 30% Off Flights To The Top End This Week

I know there’s a record-breaking heatwave in the northern hemisphere right now but this morning it was one-degree Celsius in Melbourne. ONE. DEGREE. I love winter as much as the next gal but God damn, what I wouldn’t give to feel some warmth on my skin right about now. 

Miserably waiting for summer like.

As we wistfully look towards the incoming summer (and see everyone’s Euro content through Instagram stories), you may be thinking about getting far away from your four walls. While a European summer may be off the cards this year, exploring your own country can be just as (if not more) rewarding.

And, for those of us looking for a holiday on a budget, I have exciting news; Virgin Australia is slinging cheap flights to the Northern Territory this summer.

While your image of the NT may be all red dirt roads and dry landscapes, it turns out that summer in the Northern Territory is anything but. So rather than exploring the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, you can bask in its tropical glory. Plus, there are no crowds à la Santorini.

The sale ends August 7th so start planning summer, quick sticks! Once you’ve booked your flights, come back here to read five things you can do in the Northern Territory this summer.

Canoe Down A 1.65 Billion (!!) Year-Old Gorge 

While you may be eyeing off a Queensland-style theme park holiday, escape the screaming children and head to Mother Nature’s very own slip and slide. Nitmiluk (also known as Katherine Gorge) is a 13-gorge-system around the Katherine River in Nitmiluk National Park and is rich in Jawoyn Aboriginal culture.

You can bushwalk, camp, boat and even fish at the natural gully. There’s a visitor centre for any questions or qualms you may have and be sure to hire your very own canoe to see the ancient formations. You can also take a dip at Leliyn (also known as Edith Falls), a natural pool found 60 kilometres north of Katherine. Lush.

Now THIS is a waterpark.

Visit The Red Centre

Look, you can’t really write an article on things to do in the Northern Territory and not mention Uluru. One of Australia’s most famous landmarks, the beauty of Uluru can really only be felt when you’re standing underneath it. Located in the heart of the red centre, Uluru and its surrounds are one of the wonders of the natural world. It’s 348 metres high and roughly 550 million years old. Woah.

Take it from a former NT tourist and be sure to give yourself enough time to fully appreciate Kata Tjuta as well. We didn’t realise just how huge the national park was and didn’t spend nearly enough time hiking the orange landscape at sunset.


Get A Free Massage 

Who needs a fancy (cough, expensive) spa when you have the luxury of Wangi Falls? Located in the Litchfield National Park, it contains a swimming hole and plunge pool, a green, grassy picnic area, and even gas BBQs to cook up some lunch.

The fresh water flowing from the falls will rejuvenate your skin (and soul) and give your tight shoulders more relaxation than a spa ever could. Plus, you’re in nature. How’s the serenity??

I WILL go chasing waterfalls, thank you.

Immerse Yourself In Culture

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to live on a continent with culture that’s 60,000 years old. While Indigenous culture exists in the nature tracks, rock formations, and cave art, you can learn from the best artists in the world on the Territory Art Trails.

Spanning the whole territory, map out which art galleries you want to check out and even partake in some local workshops. From Katherine to Kakadu, you can soak up all of the culture and art that the Territory has to offer.

Djilpin Arts.

Snap Pics Of The Local Celebrities

While in Bryon Bay you may spot a Hemsworth brother (or three), in the Northern Territory you can see some true blue Australian celebrities. Yellow Water, in the NT’s Kakadu National Park is FULL of Australian wildlife including crocodiles, sea eagles, wild horses, and buffalo. Did you know that buffalos lived in Australia? Because I didn’t.

Stroll the boardwalks, take some pictures, and be sure to check out a Top End sunset in the park. If you want to find out more about the local Indigenous culture, head to the Warradjan Cultural Centre.

That’s not a croc. THIS is a croc.

Feeling excited for a summer in the tropics? Honestly, same. With 30% off fares to the Northern Territory, the summer sale will end at 11:59pm AEST 7 August 2022 unless sold out prior, so get in quick! Travel periods and conditions apply.

And, as they say, CU in the NT, mate.