The best part of travelling is being completely removed from the familiar and being forced to reevaluate who you are – being forced to zero in on what parts of your personality are you and not just a product of your environment. The worst part of travelling is that it costs a fucking shitload.

I don’t pretend to understand the whimsical vagaries that drive the wild fluctuations in the prices of flights, but I do capitalise on them the moment they make a trip to the fjords in a country where people only wear rustic woollen turtlenecks possible on my very limited budget.

Courtesy of the legends of I Know The Pilot, here’s a bunch of infeasibly cheap return flights from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne to Vancouver – all for under $800.

The bulk of the flights are for a trip about a month long, most of them from September to October or October to November. They’re all with Philippine Airlines, so you will be getting in-flight meals and check-in luggage.

As I Know The Pilot notes, there are a few longer stop-offs in Manila involved, but you can enter the Philippines without a visa, if you want to check things out.

Have a squiz at the full list of flights to Vancouver here. Get in quick, planes only carry so many people. (Twelve? Fifty? A thousand? I couldn’t say.)

Image: Getty Images / Wolfgang Kaehler