Virgin Is Slinging 1.9 Million Cheapo Flights From $75 *Including* Baggage

virgin cheap flights

If you’ve been itching to get out of your city and explore our beautiful country after months of COVID’s BS, you’re in luck because Virgin has dropped over 1.9 million cheapo flights from $75 each.

Yes, Virgin. Not some cheapo airline that makes you sit on the lap of the dude sitting next to you, we’re talking about the good stuff.

The sale kicks off now (Monday morning) and runs until midnight on Monday 8 February, or until sold out. But with prices from $75 each way, you just *know* they’ll sell out well before that.

And to make it even better, all fares include checked baggage, seat selection and Velocity Frequent Flyer points, which is virtually unheard of when it comes to cheap flight sales. Like, what do you *mean* I don’t have to pay through the nose for extra baggage??


“We’re committed to providing travellers great value fares and award-winning service and our Let The Good Times Fly sale is a true testament of that,” a Virgin spokesperson said.

“The reopening of borders provides Australian travellers with another opportunity to go on a holiday, reconnect with loved ones, and to conduct business.”

Flights are departing from every capital city in the country, and will take you interstate, or to your favourite regional spots for a quick little getaway.

To make things even better, they’re also allowing flexibility if COVID decides to rear its ugly head and put a dampener on your travel plans, which is honestly a must when it comes to booking travel right now.

“We’ve seen many traveller’s plans impacted by domestic border restrictions and so we’re here to give them comfort when booking a Virgin Australia flight that they’ll be able to change the date of their travel if they need to,” a Virgin spokesperson said.

There are countless flights to choose from, but some of the highlights are as follows:

• Sydney-Ballina Byron/Ballina Byron-Sydney from $75
• Melbourne-Sydney/Sydney-Melbourne from $78
• Melbourne-Launceston/Launceston-Melbourne from $78
• Sydney-Gold Coast/Gold Coast-Sydney from $79
• Brisbane-Proserpine/Proserpine-Brisbane from $89
• Melbourne-Adelaide/Adelaide-Melbourne from $89
• Sydney-Brisbane/Brisbane-Sydney from $89
• Melbourne-Hobart/Hobart-Melbourne from $99
• Sydney-Sunshine Coast/Sunshine Coast-Sydney from $89
• Brisbane-Mackay/Mackay-Brisbane from $99
• Melbourne-Canberra/Canberra-Melbourne from $119
• Perth-Kalgoorlie/Kalgoorlie-Perth from $149
• Darwin-Brisbane/Brisbane-Darwin from $169
• Perth-Melbourne/Melbourne-Perth from $169
• Perth-Karratha/Karratha-Perth from $199
• Perth-Port Hedland/Port Hedland-Perth from $199
• Perth Newman/Newman-Perth from $199

You can check the dates and book your flights on the website.