Uber Encourage Riders To Vote ‘Yes’ In SSM Vote W/ Rainbow Ride Tracking

Uber have updated the trip tracking feature in the app from blue to rainbow as part of an effort to encourage riders to participate in Australia‘s dumb af – but you still need to vote plz – postal vote on marriage equality.

Usually when you take a ride on the app, you can see your car’s route in real time on your phone as the trail its blazed so far turns blue between your start point and ultimate destination. Uber have changed that colour from blue to rainbow, and when you scroll down a bit, you can read their explanation for the change.

Under the heading ‘Your say on marriage equality‘, the ride-sharers have written: “Uber passionately supports equal rights for everyone in our community. Every vote is important. Ensure your vote is heard.”

They then link to the Australian Electoral Commission, calling on riders to “Enrol to vote by 24 Aug.” (You definitely should.)

Last month in the United Kingdom, Uber celebrated Pride by changing the ride tracking feature to rainbow, as well as adding a spesh Pride in-app Snapchat filter.

And in June 2015, for Pride Month in the United States, they attached a rainbow flag to every virtual car gliding around the app. Nice.