Fuck Yeah, From Tomorrow You Can Finally Get UberX From Melbourne Airport

Fucken FINALLY. Here is some bloody excellent news for people who hate flying into Melbourne (did you know they have coffee there?), only to find limited options for getting from the airport into the city. No longer will your only choice be to walk out of the terminal, shake your head at the lack of train, and get into a cab or onto a bus in order to get into the city for coffee. Where they have it.

That’s because from tomorrow, you can finally add UberX to the list of transport options.

The news comes after a bill was passed through parliament last week giving Uber the right to pick up passengers from some places that were previously off-limits. That means that you can now get a ride from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne airports, without finding a nearby street or fast food restaurant to be picked up from and sneakily circumvent the restrictions.

Melb airport’s parking and transportation boss Lorie Argus said that the airport is stoked that all the passengers that currently open the app after their flight only to find it geoblocked will now be allowed to head to approved ‘wait zones’ inside the airport and in the T4 transport hub to access ridesharing. The T4 hub is also where the (undoubtedly pissed off) taxis will also still run from, so there’s definitely interesting times ahead.

Welcome, Melbourne.