If you a person who likes visiting amusement parks, particularly ones on the other side of the world, who also has a minor/major/debilitating obsession with ‘Star Wars‘, we might just have something that neatly intersects your two very particular interests.  

Disney have revealed the first glimpse of their two 14-acre Star Wars‘-themed lands, due to open at Disneyland in California, and Walt Disney World in Florida in 2019.

They’ll be exhibiting the below 50-foot model of the lands-in-construction at the biennial Disney superfan D23 Expo in Anaheim this weekend. 

What they’re offering for their largest ever single-themed land are “planets” not based on anything we’ve seen before (real bummer they didn’t base it on Tatooine -guffaw-), which they describe as a “remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space“.

THE FORCE IS WITH US: Disney Unveils 1st Look At Huge ‘Star Wars’ Land

The Star Wars Space Fun Land will apparently host two rides: one where you control the Millennium Falcon, apparently in a simulated mission like Star Tours, not in a super fun indoor rollercoaster like Space Mountain; and one where you’re apparently thrust into the middle of a First Order v. Resistance battle, BYO Adam Driver/John Boyega

There are also said to be three different entrances, where you’ll be recruited to either the Resistance or First Order, or you’ll walk into something neutral like the Mos Eisley Cantina

THE FORCE IS WITH US: Disney Unveils 1st Look At Huge ‘Star Wars’ Land

Let this video really stir something in you (I think it’s the rousing music):

Behold, about ten seconds of behind the scenes footage from earlier this year: 

Too early to book flights?

Source: The Telegraph.  

Photos: Disney Parks.