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California’s Disneyland Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida just got a whole lot bigger.

The Happiest Place On Earth™ just opened the doors of its latest park, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and frankly, people are already losing their damn minds.

While the Californian attraction technically isn’t open to the general public until May 31st, a handful of extremely lucky people (yoohoo hi yes that’s me I lost my damn mind) got to explore the latest theme park and Star Wars fan or not, every human and their dog will be scraping jaws off floors for years to come.

Just saw the Millennium Falcon today nbd

The announcement that Disneyland was planning to add a Star Wars theme park to their Anaheim and Bay Lake resorts – made back in 2015 – sent an inordinate number of fans into a full-blown frenzy and for four years, punters across the globe have been waiting with clenched tushies.

Well, without spoiling anything for those playing at home, those four years were worth the wait.

There’s obviously a lot to unpack here – the park is ‘uge – so lemme give you a bit of a rundown.

First up, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Considered one of the main attractions of Galaxy’s Edge, the epic ride flips the switch and lets passengers control their own destiny. This will most likely be the only chance you have to fly the Millennium Falcon too, so just keep that in mind when you consider staying home with the kids/dogs/house plants instead of booking a vacay.

Side note: the entire park is said to let you have your own adventure and live in the Star Wars universe rather than simply go along for the ride. If/when you go, prepare to go full Jedi/Stormtrooper/Darksider – we want commitment people, let’s not phone it in.

I also feel like it’s my duty to inform people that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be breaking with tradition to serve up galactic alcoholic bevs. Yep, if you’re a parent who has to look after their kids while they’re off their rocker and you’re craving something a bit harder than lemonade to get through the day, Disneyland has got ya sorted.

That’s not to say that there aren’t non-alcoholic choices either though. The Cantina also has concoctions like the Star Wars staple, Blue Milk, which is as weird and wonderful as you’d expect.

Grog galore

Back to the Star Wars biz – you guys, there’s a joint where you can make your own lightsabers and droids. If that doesn’t fulfil your childhood fantasies then I’m sorry to say that your childhood sounds quite dull.

Plus, it also means that you’ll have next-level deflecting abilities when you rock up to your mate’s wedding and instead of people asking you why you’re still single, they’ll ask you why tf you brought a lightsaber to a formal gathering. Trust me, it works.

Trust me, I’ve only summed up part (trust me, the tip of the iceberg) of what Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has to offer, but you can check out every little detail right HERE. From rides and sights to food and bevs, you could comfortably live there for a month and be a happy camper.

While you’re at it, keep an eye and/or ear out for news on the next park to open, Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance. Big things are coming.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open to the masses on May 31st in California’s Disneyland Resort and August 29th in Florida’s Disney Studios.

This writer travelled to California’s Disneyland Resort as a guest of Disney and Virgin Australia.