HEY SYD: This Week Uber’s Slinging 3 Free UberPOOL Rides For Each Of Y’all

Life’s faster in the carpool lane – or should I say the T3 lane during peak hour – and you solo drivers/schmucks on slow-moving Sydney buses could be joining the trios leaning out of their windows, doing weird all-fingers-together-as-one ~royal~ waves as they hoon by you at the speed limit: Uber‘s chucking out free UberPOOL rides to each and every one of y’all this week.

Yep, you could maybe meet your new best mate on one of your three, yes, three, cheap as free, UberPOOL rides this week – whether you’re suddenly heaps late to work, trying to get out of town after too many post-work beverinos, or can’t be arsed taking the tram home from pump class.

The free rides, valid until midnight Friday, are celebrating UberPOOL’s expansion into more and more Sydney suburbs, from Maroubra to Lilyfield, Seaforth to Surry Hills. The rides can be worth up to $40 – a pretty reasonable journey – and a small price to pay to cut down the number of cars clogging up our roads. We’re talkin’ more people piling into fewer vehicles, which is good for both the environment and your mates, who are sick to death of you always bitching about being stuck in traffic. (Less cars = less traffic, yeah?/Just leave the house earlier ffs.)

The promo will be automatically added if you select UberPOOL during the promo period, and then all you’ve gotta do is the follow in-app directions to a close-by ‘n convenient pick-up spot: the app’s already matched you with another rider heading the same way. Just try not to drunkenly overshare on the way home – the other guy signed up for cheap travel, not every detail of your break-up with Brad the biochemist.

We both know you already have the app on your phone, but HERE‘s their website if you need it. Safe free travel, buds.