Uber’s Slinging Free Rides To Everyone With This Extremely Common Name

Congratulations, everyone named Sam. It’s finally your time to shine. It’s your moment in the spotlight. You are about to live like a VIP. All because Uber have decided to sling a free ride every day for a week in August to anyone in Australia with the name Samantha, Sameera, Samil, or any variation that begins with those three letters. A bloody week!

According to Uber, Sam is one of the most common unisex names among their riders, and also one of the most popular names in all of Australia. And now Sams all over the place are about to become most popular with their mates, who will no doubt all be clamouring to get in on the free rides.

So if you are a Sam, make sure you head here to register with Uber before midnight on Friday 18th August to get one free ride up to $20 value, every day from the 21st to 27th. If you are friends with a Sam, and you want to crash their free trips, send them that link, tell them to register, and then conveniently show up when they are about to use their ride. Simple.