MUY BUENO: Uber Eats Is Giving Away $30,000 Worth Of Mexican Food Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, folks, and Uber Eats wanna make sure you’re bloody well fed for it, so it’s giving away $30,000 worth of Mexican food. I think we can all agree that that’s an enormous amount of food. A tremendous feast for all.

To stuff your face full of deliciousness, all you have to do is head to the Uber Eats Facebook page at 4pm and tune into the Facebook Live video. A live mariachi band will be pumping out some sensational Mexican tunes while promo codes pop up on the screen, of which there’ll be hundreds.

Once you cop a code, you simply enter it into the promotions section of the app and have yourself a damn fine meal.


The codes will expire, so be sure to use them quickly to avoid missing out.

Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) is an annual celebration commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla all the way back in 1862.

Get into some Mexican delights, pals.