PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Ola to help you get home safely after a night out.

Ah, 2020. It’s been a year, huh? We’ve all spent our fair share of hours inside the house, but finally, it’s time to get amongst it (in a COVID-safe way), and rejoin civilisation. Sure, drinking wine on the couch was a no-brainer during the winter months, when it meant finding a way home was as simple as commuting from the couch to the bedroom.

But now that we’re all moving around our cities more, there’s one thing that’s come back into our lives, and that is ordering a rideshare or nominating a deso driver.

We have great news for the good people of Perth (soz everyone else). Ola has cooked up a sweet deal that’ll help you get home safely, without spending all your hard-earned cash in the process. And once you split the cost with a few of your friends — it’ll probably come in at less than the cost of a schooner.

The deal is pretty simple. Next time you’re out for a few bevvies in Perth’s CBD and need a ride home, fire up the Ola app and order yourself a ride. If the driver takes more than five minutes to show up, they’ll knock 50% off the price of your next ride. Even better news, the driver will still be paid for the full fare — Ola really just wants to look after you and their drivers. That means, you’ll either get a ride home in lightning speed, or you’ll save some cash, and no one will have to forego the few drinks at the pub. That, my friends, sounds like a win-win.

For full details, visit the Ola website.

Image: Netflix