Yet Another Uber Competitor Has Launched In Syd & It Comes With Free Rides

One of the world’s biggest ridesharing companies is now operating in Sydney after its successful Perth launch. It’s called Ola, and while you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s currently the most popular ridesharing platform in its home country.

Ola was founded in India back in 2011 and completes over 2 million rides every day for around 125 million customers across 110+ major cities. As you can probably guess, the company’s growth has been pretty rapid, so now it’s gonna  have a go right here in Australia.

Starting today, you can start booking rides through the Ola app once you’ve signed up for an account. The service is even giving away free introductory rides, so it pays to give it a go early on if you’re keen.

Where Ola says it differs from competitors like Uber is its driver-partner approach to business. If you drive for the company, you’ll receive 24/7 partner support, earnings programs, fuel offers, other vehicle services, and a competitive commission rate.

“Ola takes a refreshing approach to ridesharing as it has a driver-partner focus approach,” head of operations for Australia, Wolf Aron, told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Driver-partners in Sydney will be supported with new technology, training and ways to increase earnings including an introductory market-low 7.5 percent commission rate if they sign up now. This will ensure they take home more for each ride. We know a happy driver-partner means a happy rider!”

Uber takes between 20 per cent and 25 per cent commission from drivers depending on the service, so it looks like Ola might be the new favourite for those choosing to drive, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis.

For customers, Ola will continue to implement initiatives to sweeten the deal, like new promotions, clear and easy ways to share feedback, and higher-quality rides. In terms of price, the company’s website states that fares in Perth start at $1 per km, but also offers deals for travelling during “lean hours”.

If your interest is well and truly piqued, you can get more info from its website here. Don’t worry, Melbourne, Ola has also stated its coming your way “soon”.