This season of Bachelor in Paradise may have been batshit, but it was also chock-full of love thanks to Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Glenn (Greg) Smith and Mary Viturino and Conor Canning. PEDESTRIAN.TV caught up with the sweethearts to see how things are going post-Paradise, and I’m happy to report there is a lot of love getting about.

Alisha, who moved to Perth to be with Glenn, said watching Paradise together has been an incredible experience.

“I think one of the crazy things about these shows, particularly because it was filmed so long ago, it really just takes you right back into those moments,” she said.

“We’ve been sickos, we’ve been watching it – ‘cos I’m in Perth now – we’ve been watching on East Coast time and then we’d watch it on Perth time as well.”

After declaring their love for each other in Paradise, the couple agreed on a long-distance relationship. That was the plan, until the coronavirus threw a bloody big spanner in the works.

“When the pandemic came, [Premier] Mark McGowan announced he was going to shut the WA borders. We realised we might not see each other for six months maybe, so I asked Alisha to come to Perth,” Glenn said.

“I packed two suitcases with my best clothes and I got on a plane to Perth and I snuck in right before the hard border closure, and we’ve just been doing life together ever since,” Alisha said.


“I think we were sitting on the back deck and Alisha was like, ‘Oh, I’m just getting my car shipped over’. I was like, ‘Oh ho, really?'” Glenn added with a laugh.

“But no, we’ve definitely had conversations about this. Alisha’s not just staying at my place, we’re making this official and she’s moved in,” he said.

As for what’s next, Alisha and Glenn said they’re waiting for the borders to reopen so Glenn can meet all of Alisha’s family and friends in Sydney.

“But for the meantime, we’re just going to plod along,” Alisha said.

“I said to Glenn on the couch the other day, I’m so excited by the fact that we could be sitting on the couch and I could just take a photo of him and put it on my Insta!”

And if that’s not enough wholesome energy for you, here’s what Mary and Conor are up to now.

After their time wrapped up in Paradise, Mary and Conor decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve together. At first, the couple travelled between Melbourne and Hobart to see each other. But just like Alisha and Glenn, the pandemic really sped things up.

After some time dating over FaceTime and whatnot, Mary decided to make the move from Melbourne to Hobart with her daughter, Chanel.

Introducing Chanel to Conor was super easy, Mary shared.

“Conor was very smart actually. The first time they met was on Christmas Eve and he bought her a Barbie because my daughter loves Barbie, so it was a very smart move. And they’ve been BFFs ever since,” she said.

Conor described his first meeting with Chanel as beautiful.

“She’s got all of Mary’s traits and she’s very outgoing and confident and funny, we have a great time together,” he said.

“It’s just nice coming home from work and having them there, it completely changes the environment of my place. It’s full of warmth and love now.”

The couple shared that they’re hoping to move into a bigger place in the future. At the moment, they’re all cooped up in Conor’s apartment, so he’s keen on getting a place with more space and a big yard.

“And then I think there’ll be some big things on the cards,” he teased. “We’re just really happy with everything that’s happening.”

You love to see it!

Image: Instagram / @maryviturino18, Network 10