Start Planning Your Alice Springs Trip, ‘Cause The NT Is Throwing Open Its Borders Next Month

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is officially throwing its borders open on July 17, having achieved a little thing called “clinically eradicating coronavirus”.

From July 17 onwards, visitors will no longer have to quarantine for 14 days and can head right on in, pull a seat up at the (opened since May) pub, and order a cold one.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said it’s been 28 days since the last person with COVID-19 recovered in the state, and has picked July 17 as a reopen date to make absolutely certain they have no new outbreaks.

It makes the NT the first Australian jurisdiction to eradicate the coronavirus.

“Based on the evidence, our Chief Health Officer recommends a 28-day assessment period before opening our borders — which is two COVID-19 replication cycles. That is why we are waiting until next month,” he said.

This gives the rest of Australia four weeks’ notice, and it gives the Territory four weeks to get ready. It gives us time to market the Territory to visitors.

“Twenty-eight days’ notice makes sure we that we don’t stuff this up. The safety of Territorians will always be my priority.”

It comes just days after South Australia announced its borders would be reopening July 20, and a week after reports said Queensland was looking at a July 10 date.

Time to start booking those Airbnbs, spamming that group chat, and officially plan that NT road trip you’ve always talked about doing – the NT is open, baby! (And by “you”, I absolutely mean “me”.)