Welp, The Northern Territory Is Gonna Keep Its Borders Shut To All Of Sydney Now Too

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has announced it will keep its borders closed to Sydney when it resumes domestic travel on Friday.

Along with the whole of Victoria, all 30 local government areas in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area have been declared a hotspot by the Territory.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the decision was made on advice from his Chief Health Officer.

“The situation in Sydney has the potential to get worse before it gets better, and we need to assume that it will get worse,” Gunner said.

This means that from Friday, July 17, anyone arriving in the NT from Sydney or Victoria will be forced into supervised quarantine for 14 days at their own cost of $2500.

However, Gunner said travellers from other parts of NSW would be able to travel freely within the NT once the border reopens.

The declaration will be reviewed in two weeks.

“I don’t anticipate this declaration being in place for as long as Victoria’s but I do not make promises about a date,” Gunner said. “It does suck, but it is the way it is and how it has to be.”

NSW recorded 13 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, and NSW Health confirmed the number of cases linked to the Crossroads Hotel has risen to 33.