Scores Of Insta-Thirsty Punters Are Flooding NYC Streets For ‘Manhattanhenge’

The pursuit of the perfect Instagram post is an all-consuming one at the best of times, but when the secret’s out on the setting it’s less a serene moment and more a rolling maul; a makeshift press pit; a tooth-and-nail battle with your fellow smartphone user to capture the perfect angle.

To wit, today marks the arrival of the annual phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.

Twice a year – once for sunrise, once for sunset – the sun lines up perfectly with Manhattan’s east-west running streets, giving off a glorious, uninterrupted glow as the burning star lights up New York City buildings in a stunningly beautiful burnt orange.

With the sunset being far more accessible to most casual observers than its rise, the May version is understandably far more popular.

And with that increase in popularity comes an increase in people crowding the New York City streets trying to capture a prefect image of the Manhattanhenge glow. Observe.

Gorgeous stuff, right? Postcard-worthy.

But that only shows you what’s happening in front of the lens.

What’s going on behind there, as it turns out, is a swarming mass of humanity all intensely thirsty for likes.

Snaps from within the crowd show literal thousands of people, cameras at the ready, jostling for position in the middle of otherwise intensely busy New York streets.

Those of you who get a bit iffy in big crowds might want to look away. This shit looks snug.

Holy tomorrow that’s a lotta Grammin’.

Unfortunately for everyone, a bunch of pesky clouds ruined their clear view of proceedings this time around, leaving everyone to calmly disperse and wait patiently for its summertime counterpart on July 12th.

Running numbers on the ‘Gram is a full-time gig, mates.