Stone Henge. The Pyramids of Giza. The Paris end of Collins Street.

Archaeologists believe these iconic destinations were designed to correlate with specific astronomical events, in honour of the grand majesty of the universe itself.

Well, the last one, not so much. But the fact Melbourne’s grid-like layout sometimes aligns with the sunset is pretty bloody nifty, as evidenced by the flock of photographers that descended on the city centre last night to capture the event known as Melbhenge.

Scores of snap-happy sun-worshippers met at landmarks on the eastern side of town to watch the sun descend at an angle of 250 degrees west, perfectly in line with the city’s east-west oriented streets and towering skyscrapers.

Melhenge !!!!???? google it ????

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Tonight was #melbhenge where the sun set at 8:27pm perfectly lined up with the street grid of Melbourne. Providing the best back-lit scene facing west. Hearing @lnixon9 on the news I ran into the city with not much time to spare (35min drive) and went to the steps of parliment house for the best vantage spot. Among at least a hundred others capturing the moment as the sun set. Some cloud did hinder the sun's rays, but a great night out! #melbourne #visitvictoria #melbhenge2018 #yourshotphotographer #canonaustralia #canon #canonau #news #photojournalism #tram #tracks #dog #people #crowd #sunset #weather #ausgeo #natgeo #heraldsunphoto @pscmelb @9newsmelbourne @7newsmelbourne @tennewsmelb @abcinmelbourne @abcnews_au @bureauofmeteorology @sci.nate

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While that blazing ball of gas was partly obscured by another uncontrollable atmospheric phenomena – goddamn clouds – folks managed to capture some pretty lovely shots of the sun setting between buildings.

Another tough edit! But I gotta do them to improve! This is a composite image of multiple exposures to get the shape of the sun 🙂 . A bit late today, but I really wanted to get this one right! Couldn't keep my growing "fanbase" waiting now can I @jlrreyes @mrkellar . . I got there an hour early to set up and figure out a composition for the spot. I really dug the tram lines leading up to the horizon, so I made sure to incorporate that in. Soon some people rocked up and it was fun shooting with other photographers, all trying to get the shot. . Did I know where the sun was going to be? Not really… I saw an image taken the day before and made some mental estimates about where the sun would be, taking into account changes in elevation. When I got the shot, I couldn't hold my excitement and went home to start editing straight away (after doing the dishes…). . Finally… where was the sunset master @philiplapik? I was quietly wondering if I’d see you and get some hands on tips 🙂 maybe I’ll catch you out and about another day!

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The next edition of the sunset aligning with Robert Hoddle’s handy-dandy grid system will occur in 2019.

Source: Herald Sun (get it?)
Image: @lookaboutphotography / Instagram