Jetstar’s Slinging $135 Flights To NZ If You Wanna Give Mount Doom A Crack

It’s happening again, Jetstar are slinging deliciously affordable flights to New Zealand from $135 (one way) and unlike last week, this isn’t a Friday Frenzy deal. You’ll have until Monday 30 April 11:59PM to hit up the group chat and peer pressure all your mates to go on an adventure.

Flights jet off from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Gold Coast. 

The travel period’s between 16 May – June 18. 

If you wanna suss it ASAP, click HERE.

Also, the travel dates are during peak snow weather so perf time to fall on your arse a lot.

And look, no offence to the rest of beautiful New Zealand but Queenstown is bloody ridiculous when it comes to scenic views and it’ll have you renouncing your Aussie citizenship.

Just for a little squiz, get a load of this:

Suss that return flight for $92 and it’s not even the cheapest option.

So that’s $251.55 return to Queenstown from Melbs…

Meanwhile Gold Coast to Queenstown start from $149, to Auckland from $139, to Christchurch from $139, and to Wellington from $139 as well.

Sydney to Christchurch begin from a juicy $135 and to Auckland from $149.

Perth’s a little bit more pricey with flights to Auckland from $291.

Super keen now? Click HERE.

Meanwhile, pls enjoy these Queenstown pictures because UGH.

The water’s bloody freezing but it makes for a good Insta.

Honestly the most beautiful place in the world.

Tbh, if you’re very unfit like me then all mountainous terrain are gonna make you feel like Frodo and Sam climbing Mount Doom.

Happy Friday.